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Can Utility and The Coastliners
“Those who love our majesty show themselves!”

Kim Poor and Genesis

Kim Poor first encountered Genesis in New York in 1974 and went on to marry their guitarist, Steve Hackett. She toured extensively with the group in the following years and was commissioned to illustrate a book of their lyrics.

Along the way she also introduced them to Brazil, where years later the group’s vocalist, Peter Gabriel, was to make an early foray into ‘World Music’ when he recorded his classic ‘Mercy Street’, using a Brazilian bayonne rhythm suggested by one of Kim’s childhood friends. One of Poor’s paintings, “Entangled In Your Own Dreams”, was also to provide the lyrical inspiration for the Genesis song “Entangled”.

Their strong visual show, their lyrics and music had a strong effect on her. From the moment she showed her work to them it was clear that her paintings and their music had particular affinities - a common ground of feeling, taste and inspiration. Genesis, known for their ethereal music, pioneered the use of visual theatrics in rock performances, creating a continuity of sound and vision, music, literature and art. This marriage of word and picture inspired Kim to create a book of lithographs, watercolours, oils, etchings, egg tempera and glass on steel - 'Genesis Lyrics'.

You can read some of her reminiscences of those times in her blog “Visions of Angels”.

Eleventh Earl of Mar
“They’re headed for London, and that will be their grave.”

Apocalypse In 9/8
“Gonna blow right down inside your soul”

For Absent Friends
Years seem so few”

After The Ordeal

“Sometimes entangled in your own dreams”

Harold The Barrel
“Harold the Barrel cut off his toes and he served them all for tea”

“But I, I would search everywhere just to hear your call”

Blood on The Rooftops
“Dark and grey, an English film, the Wednesday play”

More Fool Me
”Here am I. Who while away the mornings since you’ve gone”

“Blest are they who smile from bodies free”

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All images Copyright © 2017 Kim Poor, All rights reserved.