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The Shadow of Angels

The Shadow of Angels is a series of paintings in various mediums, including Poor’s unique technique of glass fused on steel plate, baptised ‘Diaphanism’ by Salvador Dali. It first opened on 3rd October 2016 at one of Sir Christopher Wren’s most famous churches, St. Stephen Walbrook, continuing the trend of works of art in churches set by Bill Viola’s Mary in St. Paul’s and Ana Maria Pacheco’s installation at Chichester Cathedral

Always Present

The theme of the exhibition, curated by the legendary art historian and critic Edward Lucie-Smith, is the universal appeal of angels and their presence and significance in our lives. Their iconography has been a unifying force throughout time and appears in all religions and cultures. Especially in these troubled times, angels represent our need for reassurance in a very unstable world. They are our protectors, guides and spiritual messengers; a bridge between us and the Divine.

Angels Dwell

Amazon Angel


Angel of the Hour

Angel of Dreams

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All images Copyright © 2017 Kim Poor, All rights reserved.