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Legends of the Amazon

Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro

The Museum of Modern Art Rio de Janeiro was deeply honoured to present the work of Kim Poor, a Brazilian Fine Artist now living in London.

Throughout the early decades of this century modern art dedicated itself to auto-referential thematics. With the emergence of pop art in both England and the United States artists realised that their field of action and research had been enlarged. In the 80s, and more specifically in our own decade, the works related to the great contemporary problems of mankind have become the focus of the international art scene. The feminine condition, its sexuality and its repression, the recognition of ethnic minorities and, most of all, the fight for a more harmonious development through better integration between Human Beings and Nature, have marked a great part of artistic endeavour nowadays. It is within this scenario that Kim Poor’s work finds its significance. A master of a sophisticated and personal technique, this artist invests in the myths and legends of the beautiful and unknown Amazon, the real lung of the world. Her paintings reveal the beauty and the splendour of the rainforest, the richness of its forms and colours, its plants and animals. In recreating them through the fantasy inherent in the artistic process Kim Poor’s work suggests a vision of a tropical Eden that inhabits our dreams and at the same time is inserted into the reality of the world in defense of this most beautiful region of the planet, the ecological heritage of mankind.

Marcus de Lontra Costa
Director, Museu de Arte Moderna de Rio de Janeiro

President    M.F. do Nascimento Brito
Vice Presidents    Aloysio F. de Salles, Pedro Alberto Guimarães, Joel Korn
Executive Director    Helena Severo
Financial Director    Luis Ribeiro Pinto
Directors   João Mauricio de Araújo Pinho, Katia Mindlin Leite Barbosa, Ronaldo Cézar Coelho
General Co-ordinator    Marcus de Lontra Costa
Fine Arts Co-ordinator     Denise Mattar
Administrative Co-ordinator     Álvaro Lopes
Production Claudia Barata, Denise Videira, Leila Costa Pinto, Marcia Mello, Marcia Waitz, Paulo Cesar Guaranho

Photos: Vicente de Mello
Copyright © 2017 Kim Poor, All rights reserved.

All images Copyright © 2017 Kim Poor, All rights reserved.